Ad Formats

In-stream video
Looking for a user-engaging, highly viewable video solution? Our in stream Video Unit is implemented into our carefully chosen owned and operated placements within premium sites. The Vid-In Video Unit contains a carousel of site-relevant video clips, allowing the user to choose from a wide range of recent up-to-date video clips, preceded by short upbeat pre-roll ads.
Out-Stream Video
Our trusted In-View solution creates new monetization options for publishers while guaranteeing viewability for advertisers. This easy to integrate unit turns any article into a video placement. Tailored to your needs, suitable for both mobile and desktop devices, the In-View unit is seamlessly integrated in the page while respecting the user experience.
Native Ad Products
Brighcom's Native Ad Products seamlessly blend sponsored content with the original content across our wide network of websites. The transition from the site's regular content to the advertiser's offer provides the viewer a friendly ad experience with much higher chances for user engagement. This all leads to a proven increase in CTRs and a Publisher yield management that does not compromise on user experience.

Mobile Video
Our In-Stream Video solution for Mobile Browsers was developed based on our vast knowledge of and experience in the In-Stream environment. The In-Stream Video unit for Mobile Browsers is well suited to the fast-paced ever-changing In-Stream environment, while leveraging mobile browser characteristics. Allowing reliable viewability and NHT sampling, this unit offers high-quality mobile browser supply to assure advertisers category-relevant and bot-free placements.
In-App video
Our Video solution for Mobile apps delivers premium video advertising at scale. Tailored to the publisher's needs while providing the advertiser with highly engaged users, our In-App video unit is seamlessly integrated in various sizes and locations to expand monetization abilities. Our Mobile In-App solution will take your mobile trafficking to the next level, bringing together premium ads with unique high-quality inventory.
Our Legacy display units utilize our in-house ad-serving and SSP technology to allow a tailored cross-screen solution for display advertising on Mobile and Desktop. Providing unique international supply, recruited by our many locales, the display unit can be used for all IAB-approved sizes.
Anchored Ads
Improving viewability and enhancing ad performance have never been easier thanks to Brightcom’s Anchored Ads. These high-impact ad units are anchored, meaning they remain visible even as users scroll up or down. Available in all IAB-approved sizes and can run on any device.
Brightcom enables programmatic buying and selling of high-impact ads in RTB platforms. These ad formats drive higher response rates than standard display ads and are more likely to drive consumer actions beyond the click, such as social sharing, personal recommendations, and shopping behaviors.
Header Bidding
Our client-side and server-side header bidding technology allows buyers to compete for your inventory and maximize your yield. We will provide you with a platform which will give you, the publisher, full control of every impression sold, whether it’s direct, RTB or network demand sources.