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Content Recommendation Widget

Brightcom’s content recommendation widgets allow you to both monetize your traffic effectively and circulate traffic across any of your online properties.

Widgets will automatically recognize trending stories and surface them to attract even more users.

Best-use case is on article pages right below the article.  These work best on entertainment websites where users have the habit of looking for the next article to read.

In-Feed Native Ad

In-feed ad units are best for your home page and work perfectly on desktop or mobile websites. They work best on news websites and online magazines.

Their look and feel can be customized to blend in nicely in between your organic news feed items and have the habit of attracting great user engagement.

In-Ad Native Widget

In-ad units are a great way to get started with Brightcom’s native ads while eliminating the need to make any changes in your website’s code or HTML structure.

Our content recommendation widget will fit itself into any standard banner placement, such as 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 300×600, 728×300 and more…


This is a great dynamic format for your home page or article pages across your site. It works great on desktop.

The design helps attract users with colorful and large pictures. It can also do a wonderful job in promoting your own content as well as sponsored content coming from across Brightcom’s wide range of content promoters.